Brevard Eye Center Testimonials

“Just a note of sincere thanks to Dr. Tres and his team:

Good morning Dr. Tres. It has now been about six months since my cataract surgery, and each morning when I awake, I give special thanks for the work you performed on my eyes. I’ve already written a recommendation, but there’s no good way for me to express to you my sincere appreciation for the change you made in my life.

Two years ago my father passed at the age of 92 with severe macular degeneration. His quality of life was very poor due to his failing eyesight. My quality of life is directly linked to my ability to see – to read and write, to share life’s activities with others on an equal basis. After more than 40 years in contact lenses, I still wake looking for those lenses and go to bed wondering if I removed them. Your talent is amazing, and I look forward to the next appointment when we will review possible surgery on my eyelids.

Thanks to you and your team for all you do, Dr. Tres. God bless you and your work. Al Koller”
                                                                                                                                            – Albert Koller 04/04/2016

“I am relatively new to Brevard Eye Center and want to provide some positive feedback.

Ruthy – great communicator, professional, welcoming and genuinely interested in taking care us patients as we come and go.

Jordi – I was extremely impressed with how efficient, yet thorough he was. Answered all questions, but I was in and out in no time (two appointments with him).

Take care,
Dr. Rankin

“Having my eyes done was such a great experience.  I wish I had a 3rd eye to have a reason to come back again.  The quality of the staff was excellent, and everyone is very gentle and caring of the patients.”
                                                                                      –  Carole Beninati 04/21/15

Dear Dr. Trespalacios,
Thank you very much! I can see!! I see

  • colors vividly
  • near
  • far
  • in between
  • shiny things

    You and your staff were kind and gentle with me. You were efficient and respectful during this entire process. And…no matter what anyone said I was freaked out terrified.  However, all of my agony was unfounded.
    Your talent and energy are God given.  You have been blessed and graced with enormous potential to work on God’s earthly mission — bringing sight to those who don’t see.  Thank you!
    Your patient, Marty Murray

                                                                                        – Marty Murray 04/08/15

“It’s a miracle!”

– Donna Panzek 03/06/15
One day after CataLāze™ with multifocal lens implant 

“Thank you for the gift given – my vision is allowing me to see things I never imagined I would.
I will be forever grateful to your surgery unit staff.  Everyone was compassionate and understanding and did their best to get me through my anxiety (I was having).
The professionalism displayed was outstanding.

I thank you all – and that is from the heart.”

– Nancy L. Markind 09/23/14

You all make life changes! Thank you for all you do.

– Arnold Honaker Sr.

“Thank you so much for my renewed eye sight.  I didn’t realize how much I was missing until I had the surgery.  All the girls on your staff are wonderful, caring people.  Also, all of your offices/surgery center are always so clean.  I certainly will recommend you to anyone I know who will be requiring a physician to take care of their eye needs.”  


– Harriet Elaine Main 08/26/14

“Thank you for the gift of sight. I actually never knew God created human beings with such an ability to see. You’ve heard all the raves and the jokes about wrinkles and they’re all true. But, there’s no way to express the joy and excitement in being able to see everything so very well. Thank you all for your friendliness, compassion, diligence and yes, definitely LOVE. Blessings, favor and serendipities.”

– DiVoran Lites 01/29/14

“My experience with Dr. Tres has been a very good one. I had both diseased corneas and cataracts on my eyes. Dr. Tres was able to remove the diseased corneas and replace them using the DSEK procedure. Additionally he removed the cataracts and replaced the lenses with the new Crystalens. My eye sight is now 20/20 and the vision issues that affected my vision for years have been corrected. I would recommend Dr. Tres to anyone needing lens or cornea replacement. I’m completely satisfied with the results.”

– Rick A. McCrary 07/01/14

“I can’t believe that both my distance and close up vision are so perfect. My one month visit showed I had improved past perfect!”

Thank you Dr. Tres.

– Patricia Conti 01/21/14

“I had cataract surgery done on my right eye with a multifocal lens implanted in January of 2014. I am very happy with it and it has improved my life in many ways.

I have had to wear glasses since I was 13 years old because I was nearsighted. As I entered middle age, I also needed correction for near vision when reading. With the cataracts, I was increasingly unable to see at night when driving and glasses were unable to focus my eyes sufficiently for clear vision at the movies. With my new lens, I am able to go without glasses for most of the time, though I wear glasses with corrective lenses for my left eye when driving or viewing films or performances. I do not have to wear correction for reading at all anymore.

It is wonderful to be able to see from the moment I wake up to when I go to sleep. No longer am I asking my husband where my glasses are first thing in the morning.

The procedure was quick and easy and painless, with only a little scratchy discomfort during the healing time. Honestly, the only difficult part was figuring out when to put the eye drops in.

Thank you Dr. Trespalacios and Brevard Eye Center for this improvement of my life.”

– Nancy Bleakly

“I was very impressed with the procedure. It was a total success. I no longer have to wear glasses or contacts (which I have had to wear most of my life). The doctor is amazingly proficient in what he does. The staff in the two offices that I visited was very professional and helpful. My entire experience has been totally positive. I would recommend Dr. Tres to anyone that needs eye surgery of any kind. I feel fortunate to have come into contact with him. I am extremely satisfied with the end result of my cataract surgeries. I have a ‘high definition’ lens in my right eye; I received a multifocal lens in my left eye.” 

– Bruce D. Weber 11/15/13

“I think Dr. Tres is a great doctor. I did so good with DSEK and cataract surgery. My vision is so good and I tell all of my friends about Dr. Tres.”

– Ethel G. Pugh 09/10/13

“Dr. Trespalacios found a spot on my eye and found that it was a cancer. He removed it and probably saved my eye.” 

– Robert M. Cocuzza

“I am so amazed at how great I see now. I wish I had LASIK sooner! It’s great being able to see so much sharper and clearer. Thank you so much” 

– Anthony Smith

“The doctor is very professional and has taken great care of me. The staff is also very courteous and professional.” 

– Anonymous

“My name is Laurene Moore and I’m 51 years old. I suffer from Fuchs’ Corneal Dystrophy in both my right and left eye. I was diagnosed with this medical condition in 2007. It is an inherited condition that affects the cells of the inner layer of the cornea. Of course, the first thing I did was go on the web and gather information. I also joined a support group to gain a better understanding of my condition and what to expect in the future. My husband and I started to seek the advice of a second opinion. I went to a new eye doctor in Central Brevard who is a specialist in corneal care. However, he did not give me much hope in that I would never get on the cornea transplant list. Again, my husband and I searched for another specialist.

The week after Christmas 2012 while reading the ‘Florida Today’ newspaper I came across an article about Dr. Rafael Trespalacios (Dr. Tres) at Brevard Eye Center, offering vision correction procedures with guaranteed outcomes. Plus Dr. Tres was now performing a new procedure for corneal transplant (which I needed for both eyes) called DSEK. The article also noted that Dr. Tres had completed a fellowship with the eye surgeon that identified and perfected the DSEK procedure which has a significantly shorter recovery time than the previously used corneal transplant procedure.

It was like a Christmas Miracle. Dr. Tres is located here in Brevard County, on Wickham Road just two minutes away from where I live. I called the next day and the ball was rolling.

I needed a double corneal transplant and a double cataract surgery. My left eye was done first on February 10, 2013. My right eye was done on June 10, 2013. I can’t say the surgeries were a walk in the park, but I can tell you that Dr. Tres and the whole surgery center are simply wonderful at what they do. They have only your best interest in mind and heart whenever you are there. I could honestly tell that Dr. Tres was treating my eyes as if they were his own. I have only had great experiences with all of Dr. Tres’ staff. Seeing through my eyes now is like seeing a new world. Thank you Dr. Tres and Brevard Eye Center for being the best.”

– Laurene Moore

“I am very thankful for the improvement in my vision. Early on several years ago I was diagnosed with Fuchs’ Corneal Dystrophy. I secured a second opinion but was not comfortable with the surgery being performed across the state so far from home. I then read about Dr. Trespalacios here in Brevard County offering the very latest treatment for corneas. Both eyes have had the graphs and the surgery has been very successful. The vision results and recovery have been outstanding. I look forward to each day with greater anticipation due to the wonderful improvement in my vision. I recommend Dr. Tres and his staff for anyone needing assistance with their vision.” 

– Leslie Aldrin Griffin 06/11/2013

“After conferring with Dr. Trespalacios and his staff as to which lens I wanted implanted after my cataract removals, I opted for the ‘super’ lens in my left (dominant) eye and the hi-definition lens in my right eye. I couldn’t be happier with the result. I can now read, use the computer and other activities without glasses. Dr. Tres and his staff were highly professional and easy to work with.” 

– Harold Casleton 06/06/13

“Dr. Tres is the best doctor ever. I was in severe pain and blind in my left eye. Now I can see. He saved my sight and my eye. He is so the best doctor ever.” 

– Vera Pratt 06/12/13

“I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Trespalacios as my eye doctor. I have had cornea DSEK and eye lid surgery on both eyes. I had no complications and my eyesight is great. Dr. Tres is a very talented and capable surgeon.” 

– William Fowler 06/12/13

“Dr. Tres and Annie Dixon provided a totally professional experience in regards to my lens transplants. Every visit was focused on my needs and expectations, and they provided information for me to make an informed decision on my surgery. Surgery and follow-up care was excellent. Results exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend Dr. Tres and Annie to anyone contemplating eye surgery!” 

–  Robert V. Stonesifer 07/10/13

“I received a mix and match lens replacement performed by Dr. Trespalacios with Brevard Eye Center. Dr. Tres and his staff were professional, proficient and informative throughout the entire 8 week process. I would recommend Dr. Tres to anyone seeking cataract surgery and lens replacement. Before my surgery I had both distance and close vision impairment. Eight weeks later I have 20/20 vision and have discarded my ever-present glasses.” 

– Jack Hess 07/09/13

“My vision was fading and I disliked wearing glasses or contacts. I had the cataract surgery with the option of upgrading to the multifocal lens. Now, no glasses, no contacts and I can see distance and up close as well as everything being brighter. The staff at Brevard Eye Center made the experience smooth. As you can imagine the thought of surgery in the eye is uneasy. Everyone did very well to help the uneasiness and make it a great experience. The best part is that I can see everything.” 

– Fran Murphy

“My experience with Dr. Tres and Brevard Eye Center was nothing short of relaxing and fun. I had six outpatient surgeries and looked forward to each one. Each visit was comparable to going to the spa. The staff was attentive, friendly, humorous and fun. The surgeries were painless. One minute I was looking at white lights, next I was sitting up having a cookie!” 

– Yvette McCrory-Loprete 07/31/13

“I’ve worn glasses and contacts for the last forty years, most of my life. I was so nearsighted I could barely see more than six inches in front of me. Dr. Tres performed a PRK procedure and now I’m seeing almost perfectly. I still need reading glasses but my distance vision is fantastic. Dr. Tres and his staff were wonderful to deal with. They were patient, upbeat, kind and caring through the whole procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Tres and Brevard Eye Center for LASIK or PRK.” 

– Gary M. Jones 07/02/13

“Dr. Tres you are amazing! Thank you for taking care of my eyes. I couldn’t believe the clarity and visibility after the cataract surgery. Your staff and you are first class professionals.” 

– Mary Conklin 06/12/13

“Thanks for giving me my sight back. It’s wonderful! Even the new wrinkles I can see. You and the staff did a great job. Thanks again.”

– Anonymous 

“My experience with Dr. Tres and Brevard Eye Center was very pleasant. Immediately after the eye surgery consisting of the state of the art multifocal lens implant, my far distance and close vision was dramatically improved. Having been a CPA since 1962, having near vision was and still is very important to me. Dr. Tres was extremely considerate and explained the procedure in detail prior to surgery. He never appeared to be too busy to take the time necessary to answer any and all of my questions and concerns. The staff at Brevard Eye Center was very professional as well. I would feel very comfortable in recommending Dr. Tres and Brevard Eye Center to anyone considering eye surgery.” 

– George W. Papp 07/03/13

“35 years ago I was fitted with a contact lens that was too small for my eye and the result was a torn cornea in my left eye. The doctor told me due to the severity of the damage and the scar that formed from the injury it can reopen at any time. Well as the years passed, I totally forgot about the scar opening even though my vision was greatly affected. I forgot about it until not long ago I was watching TV and I felt something in my eye. It felt like a hair and no matter what I did, I could not see what was in my eye. A trip to the eye doctor was necessary because it started to look red and it was sensitive to light. The doctor informed me that the injury from long ago was now back and my cornea tore open again. This particular doctor could not get my wound to close and as the months passed, I started to get worried because of a possible infection and the loss of my eye was now a major concern. After doing some research, I found Dr. Trespalacios with Brevard Eye Center and with everything I read about Dr. Tres, I knew if anyone would be able to help me, he would. I needed someone who could think outside the box and get this wound closed as quickly as possible. I got in touch with Annie Dixon, his surgical technician, and explained my dilemma and she was also concerned about the tear and Annie made it 

a priority and got me in to see Dr. Tres immediately. Dr. Tres treated me and yes the tear in my eye closed and I did not get an infection, but the scar on my cornea was in the worst place possible and now my vision changed. It actually got worse because of the thickness of the scar. So even though my eye was healed, Dr. Tres recommended a cornea transplant. I was really scared with the thought of getting a transplant but the thought of the scar opening again and being in the same boat again definitely made the decision easier. 

In December, I told Dr. Tres I would be financially ready in March to have the procedure and to my surprise and delight, his nurse informed me that once a year a patient is chosen due to the severity of the case to have the fee waived for the procedure so I could have it done as soon as possible. 

The transplant was set up in a very short period of time and in one day I had the damaged cornea removed and a donated cornea transplanted. Florida Today, our local newspaper covered the operation due to Dr. Tres advanced procedures in cornea transplants and there was a two page article on the transplant.

The staff donated their time on that day and treated me with such care I could never really put into words how I felt and what they did for me on that day. If you are considering a cornea transplant and have any questions or concerns you can call me personally, the office will give you my number. I will put all your worries to rest.

I want to thank Dr. Trespalacios, Annie Dixon and his incredible staff for their time and kindness that they showed me during this wonderful miracle that I was the lucky recipient of.” 

– Sandy Matkowski 07/18/13.

Ralph and Rose, whose Crystalens implants were expertly placed by Dr. Befanis, are the first couple in the country to have had both their eyes treated with these advanced IOLs.

Ralph and I met Dr. Befanis several years ago when we attended one of his seminars on cataract surgery,” explains Rose. “We were both impressed, so earlier this year, when Ralph thought he ought to be tested for cataracts, we both scheduled an appointment with Dr. Befanis. As it turned out, we both did have cataracts, but I was honestly in a quandary. I didn’t want to have cataract surgery to restore my distance vision, only to have the aggravation of taking reading glasses on and off all the time. I was excited when Dr. Befanis explained the benefits of the Crystalens to us. It sounded like it offered the best of both worlds!

It’s worth it,” Rose says with conviction. “I had my first surgery in late March and by mid-April, Ralph and I had completed both our surgeries. They were painless and went exactly as we had expected them to, but we had a couple of pleasant surprises in store.

Colors are much brighter, as you’d expect after cataract surgery,” observes Rose, “but now, thanks to Dr. Befanis and our Crystalens implants, Ralph no longer has reading glasses to misplace, and I can read even the smallest print without ever having to rely on magnifying glasses. I’d make this investment again in an instant!

– Ralph and Rose Viti

“My name is Trevor Nimmons.  I am an osteopathic physician, board-certified in neuromusculoskeletal medicine and osteopathic manipulative medicine.  I am sharing my visual history and my experience at the Brevard Eye Center out of respect and gratitude for what Dr. Rafael Trespalacios and his team have done for me.

My near-sightedness developed at the age of nine. As a child, I had difficulty wearing glasses due to issues with self-esteem and concerns with what others might think.  I wore contacts for the four years of high school and found the daily rituals of cleaning, inserting, and removing contacts to be cumbersome.  I also found wearing contacts was often irritating to my eyes, and they would frequently move around or fall out.   For the last 20 years I was wearing glasses all of my waking hours.  I found glasses to be awkward and cumbersome again, and they often became bent and would not sit correctly on my face.  When the glasses were not sitting properly, this would cause eyestrain and even headaches.   At the same time, wearing glasses limited the activities I could do in and on the water, for example, surfing, swimming, and snorkeling. 

After 30 years of corrective lenses and significant myopia, I decided to do something about it.  I had done research on the various laser options for refractive correction, and I chose the Brevard Eye Center at the high recommendations of my colleagues and patients. 

I first met the refractive patient coordinator and an optometrist for my initial evaluation and measurements.  They were very thorough, informative, professional, and friendly.  The equipment they utilized was state-of-the-art.  I then had an appointment with Dr. Trespalacios and found him to be very professional, knowledgeable, and capable.  He took the time to go over all my results, we worked together on a plan, and he answered all my questions.  We concluded, based on my corneal thickness and degree of nearsightedness, that I was a perfect candidate for ICLs.  I went home and thoroughly researched ICLs from the company that makes them and the procedure to insert them, all the way to outcome studies.  The more I learned, the more excited I got to have the procedure done.

The surgery center at the Brevard Eye Center, the facility itself, and the staff are the best I have come across in my career.  Being in a surgery center as a patient was a brand-new experience for me, and I was treated with respect by friendly, competent staff.  I truly felt I never lost my identity as a person and I was very comfortable before, during, and after the procedure. 

A few hours after my procedure, I could see 20/15 in both eyes with no pain or discomfort.  My vision is sharp and clear for both distance and reading.  I am amazed by the fact that I now have perfect vision without the need for glasses or contacts.  The natural structure of my eye and cornea is basically unaltered, and the procedure I had could at any time be completely reversed.

In conclusion, I am extremely impressed with Dr. Trespalacios and the Brevard Eye Center.  I now have perfect vision with no maintenance and I am living my life with no limitations in activities or confidence.”

– Trevor Nimmons