LipiFlow | Evaporative Dry Eye Treatment

A Revolutionary New Treatment for Evaporative Dry Eye is now Available!

LipiFlow® utilizes a combination of localized heat and pressure on the eyelid glands in order to restore normal production of lipids (oils) needed for healthy eye lubrication. Alternative treatments simply add more liquid to tears, but without the complex natural oil, dry eye symptom relief is short-lived as the tears continue to evaporate. Approaches such as warm compresses alone provide only limited relief.

“The first interface that light traverses when entering your eye is the tear film…it is also often the most 
overlooked. You could have better than 20/20 vision but be miserable because of dry eyes.” –Dr. Tres 

Dr. Trespalacios recognizes the prevalent lack of emphasis on dry eyes in the field refractive surgery.  As such, he has dedicated a portion of his Apollo Road office to be completely focused on dry eye. Brevard Eye Center’s Dry Eye Institute is one of a select few in the country, and the only one in central Florida, to offer The LipiView® and LipiFlow® technologies.

The LipiView® Ocular
Surface Interferometer

With the LipiView® Ocular Surface Interferometer, we can observe the tear film using digital images that measure the thickness of the lipid (oil) layer. A LipiView® image of the tear film can be captured during a non-invasive in-office exam that takes about 5 minutes.

As part of the LipiFlow® experience, the quantity and quality of lipids (oils) being released from your glands will be evaluated before and after treatment.

LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation

The LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System is a significant technological shift in evaporative dry eye treatment, effectively relieving blockage of the eyelid (Meibomian) glands. The procedure takes approximately 12 minutes for each eye and treatment can be performed in our Apollo Road, FL office. Treatment can be performed the same day of your initial evaluation.  In a clinical study, 76% of patients reported improvement of their symptoms within two weeks.

At the heart of the LipiFlow® is the Activator (eyepiece). The Activator uses patented, precisely controlled heat applied to the inner eyelid with adaptive pressure encouraging the body to resume the natural production of oils needed for the tear film. Its single-use design and built-in sensors ensure a safe, sterile treatment.

If you are concerned that you are experiencing a chronic dry eye condition or have ever been told that you have “Meibomian Gland Dysfunction” (MGD), please make an appointment at one of our convenient locations.