Corneal Disease and LASIK

“Because we care, we are a LASIK practice that also treats disease… it makes us better doctors.“

-Dr. Tres

As a result of Dr. Tres’s extensive experience over the years as a consultative ophthalmologist treating the most severe types of corneal disease, patients can have the confidence and security of knowing they are in good hands with Dr. Tres.  Being a consultant for disease and surgical management has provided the critical skills and knowledge necessary to avoid potential negative outcomes and treat them when necessary.  Although the risk of complications is small, you will be glad to know that Dr. Tres’ assembled team of qualified physicians and surgeons are prepared to treat any that may arise. IEK, laser corneal transplants, Intacs, ICL, implantable contact lenses, specialized scleral contact lenses, Lipiview, Lipiflow, and other obscure techniques and technologies previously available in only the most elite teaching institutions are available at Medical City Eye Center of Central Florida.