Intralase Enabled Keratoplasty | Corneal Transplant Surgery

Intralase Enabled Keratoplasty (IEK) is a blade free, laser assisted surgery for corneal transplantation. 
Dr. Trespalacios was the fifth surgeon in the world to perform IEK, and today, he is still the only IEK trained surgeon in Central Florida.

“The laser is a more precise way to create custom incisions rather than the literal cookie cutter incision that is most commonly performed today and has been the standard now for over 100 years. We can now make custom contoured incisions on the donor and recipient corneas for a perfect geometric match….The precision afforded by this laser in eye surgery will result in safer procedures and improved visual outcomes. Patients will be able to lead a more normal and active lifestyle as a result of these new advances.” Dr. Tres

The innovative use of the Intralase laser for corneal transplant surgery has been shown to be safer and more beneficial than standard surgical practice. Faster healing time and improved visual outcomes with less astigmatism make this the optimal corneal transplantation method.

Corneal transplant surgery is a decision made after careful examination and consideration of other management options. If you have been informed that a corneal transplant may be necessary, please call Brevard Eye Center at (321) 984-3200 to schedule an evaluation today.