Eye Health in Melbourne, FL

The optical departments in each of the offices of Brevard Eye Center and Brevard Eye Center are here to serve you. You can find a wide selection of frames including Helium, Tom Ford, Fysh, Kliik, Ray Ban, Oakley, and Coach. We offer the latest lens technology to maximize clarity at all distances with your new glasses. Our licensed opticians will assist you every step of the way from frame styling to appropriate lens options tailored for your prescription.
At Brevard Eye Center, we continually seek to add products and services to better care for our patients and community. In doing so, our optical staff is excited to offer BluTech Lenses to our patients!  BluTech Lenses filter and minimize the amount of high energy blue light that reaches our eyes.
What is Blue Light?

Blue light is the highest energy light that is visible to the human eye. The higher energy carried by blue light can cause faster development of cataracts and is a risk for causing damage to the retina in the form of macular degeneration. In the short term, blue light exposure causes eyestrain including dry eye symptoms such as burning and redness. Blue light also plays a significant role in our sleep cycle. It triggers the human body to stay awake by inhibiting the release of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep.


Major Sources of Blue light:

Digital screens such as TV’s, computers, smart phones and tablets
Fluorescent and LED lighting

What can you do to control Blue light exposure?

  • minimize use of digital devices and increase viewing distance
  • use sunglasses
  • utilize blue light filters on your digital devices
  • Use BluTech lenses for your glasses to filter high-energy blue and ultra-violet light

  • protect the eye
  • enhance contrast
  • maintains natural color perception

Please contact any of our locations for more information about frames, lenses, and services available in our Optical Department.