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Visual Field Testing

Have you ever been told to click a button each time you see a light flash across a dome during your eye exam? If you’ve played this vision test ‘game’ you’ve undergone a visual field test. These are fairly common and can give valuable insights into vision loss and potential eye disease development.



The Visual Field Test is performed on everyone during their appointment, but if you experience any of the below symptoms your ophthalmologist may want to reconduct your assessment.

Blurred Vision icon
Blurred Vision

Headaches or Eye Pain icon
Headaches or Eye Pain

Peripheral Vision Loss icon
Peripheral Vision Loss

Tunnel Vision icon
Tunnel Vision

Poor Vision While Driving icon
Poor Vision While Driving

Blind Spots
Blind Spots

Are you experiencing any of the above symptoms?


How Often Do I Need a Visual Field Test Done?

A visual field test is routinely done during every routine exam. However, under certain circumstances, the visual field test will be completed more than once in a routine period.

  • If a change is seen in a routine exam then a retest will be conducted 1 to 3 months following the original assessment.
  • If you notice a change in your vision then an opthamologist will likely suggest a retest.

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Visual field testing

Simple & Easy Procedure for You

Non-Invasive Assessment

This is a minimally invasive way for an ophthalmologist to access your vision and determine if you have blind spots or weakened points in your peripheral vision. The ophthalmologist can use the results of this test to then identify any areas of concern that will need further investigating.

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Only Takes 15 Minutes

The visual field testing lasts for 10 to 15 minutes. Chances are you’ll be so focused on completing the test you won’t notice the minutes passing. Results are provided immediately, meaning we will be able to review your results with you the same day.
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Man holding wristwatch

Couple smiling at the camera

Only Worry About Clicking the Button

No Pain

Completing a visual field test is a bit like playing a vision game. There are no puffs of air as with intraocular pressure testing machines and there’s no pressure placed on your eyes. This painless assessment only requires you to press a button as you see lights appear. The hardest part will be focusing on looking straight the entire time.

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What Does the Visual Field Test Show?

Visual field tests are able to identify a number of health problems. Major eye health related concerns include:

  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetes
  • Optic Glioma
  • Optic nerve disease
  • Peripheral retinal disease
  • Ptosis

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