Catalaze Cataract Treatment in Melbourne, FL

Brevard Eye Center is pleased to be the first in Central Florida to offer our cataract patients the CataLāze™ Refractive Suite using the ORA System® by WaveTec Vision and the Verion™ Image Guided System and LenSx® Laser by Alcon. The ORA™and Verion™ Systems are revolutionary new technologies used by Dr. Rafael Trespalacios to analyze your eye during cataract surgery, giving you the most precise Power, Position, and Orientation of the premium lens implant.  The LenSx® Laser delivers faster, blade free cataract removal. By providing detailed measurements of your eye, the CataLāze™ Refractive Suite technology will allow Dr. Trespalacios to safely and effectively tailor treatment to your individual needs.

The LenSx® Laser
Ora System with VerifEye

Ora System with VerifEye
Verion™ Reference Unit

Verion™ Reference Unit
LuxOR™ Ophthalmic Microscope

LuxOR™ Ophthalmic Microscope
CENTURION® Vision System

CENTURION® Vision System

Cataract Surgery Tailored to your Individual Needs

The CataLāze™ Refractive Suite offers fully customized
Power, Position,
and Orientation for premium lens placement, helping ensure you have the best vision possible. The procedure is also compatible with all premium lens implants and technologies; you can feel confident you’ll receive the best possible results – no matter what premium cataract procedure option you select.


Ora™ SystemOra™ System

How common are cataracts? 
Cataracts are very common. Its estimated that at least 50% of Americans have cataracts by age 80

How does the CataLāze™ Refractive Suite work?
allows your surgeon to analyze your vision and tailor your treatment during the procedure. And with ORA, measurements are taken after the clouded cataract is removed, when the surgeon has a clear view of your eye. Verion provides landmark based image guidance to track eye movements and to provide a reference for all incisions and lens positioning. The LenSx® Laser makes blade free, precise incisions to the cornea and lens capsule. The LenSx® Laser then breaks up the cataract at faster speeds than traditional methods, keeping inflammation to a minimum.

How will the CataLāze™ Refractive Suite enhance my premium cataract procedure?
The new ORA
and Verion technologies revolutionize cataract surgery by allowing your surgeon to analyze your eye during your premium cataract procedure. By providing detailed measurements of your eye, this system helps your surgeon tailor treatment to your individual needs and provide more accurate and predictable refractive outcomes. The precise incisions made by the LenSx
® Laser minimizes risk of post-operative inflammation.

Does CataLāze™ track my eye movements during surgery?
Yes! The
Verion™System allows the surgeon to track subtle eye movements throughout the cataract surgery using previously obtained images of your iris.  This allows for proper incision location and ideal lens implant positioning. 

How effective is CataLāze™ with ORA, LenSx® Laser, and Verion guided cataract surgery?
Compared to traditional cataract procedures, ORA
® Laser, and Verion guided cataract surgery is proven to significantly improve your visual outcome.

Will I feel anything while the ORA System measurements are being taken?
Anesthetic drops are used to numb your eye in order to ensure you are comfortable throughout your cataract procedure. The laser does not touch your eye at all, and all measurements are easily taken while you focus on a red flashing light.

Is ORA, LenSx® Laser, and Verion guided cataract surgery safe?
Cataract surgery is one of the safest surgical procedures available, with 3 million surgeries performed in the United States alone each year.
¹ And by adding the CataLāze™ option to your premium cataract procedure, youll have the security of knowing you can receive the best possible outcome.

Does laser-guided cataract surgery take longer than regular cataract surgery?
The CataLāze™ option adds a small amount of additional time to your procedure, but the extra time is well worth it when considering the enhanced visual outcome it can provide you.

Will CataLāze™ surgery cost more?
and Verion Systems with the LenSx® Laser are part of a premium cataract surgery offering, which incorporates a premium replacement lens. While it is slightly more expensive than standard cataract surgery, the use of all these advanced technologies can help result in a better outcome and ensure you have great vision for life.
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“There is a multitude of options that can be accomplished with today’s advancements, but I especially want patients to recognize that Technology is not a substitute for surgical acumen. These procedures are elective. And these are your eyes….Do not trust them to just anyone.” — Dr. Trespalacios

Whether you’ve had LASIK Surgery, or have astigmatism, the CataLāze™ Refractive Suite option with ORA™ and Verion™ gives you the security of knowing you can have the best possible outcome, and reduces the chance of needing an additional procedure.

If you suspect you may have cataracts, call Brevard Eye Center at (321) 984-3200 and schedule your consultation today.