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VERION™ Image Guided System

Experience a procedure customized just for you.

Brevard Eye Center is proud to be one of the first practices in the nation to offer patients the new VERION™ Image Guided System. The VERION™ Image Guided System is designed to help your surgeon customize and perform a procedure tailored specifically to your eyes with computer accuracy.
What to expect from your procedure

The VERION™ Image Guided System allows your surgeon to use high-resolution images of your eye and other critical information throughout your entire procedure with image-guided precision. The system is designed to assist your surgeon in providing the visual results you desire and deserve.

The VERION™ Image Guided System assists your surgeon in making sure everything about your procedure goes as planned.

  • First, measurements and images of your eye are taken non-invasively.
  • Next, your surgeon uses a series of complex calculations provided by the system to tailor and optimize your surgical plan.
  • Finally, your tailored surgical plan is used in combination with the high-resolution images of your eye to help precisely guide every phase of the procedure.

To learn more about the VERION™ Image Guided System call Brevard Eye Center at 321-984-3200 or click here to find the office nearest you.