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Cataract Surgery Tailored to YOUR Individual Needs

Brevard Eye Center is pleased to offer our cataract patients the CataLāze™ cataract treatment using the ORA System® by WaveTec Vision. ORA™ is a revolutionary new technology, used by Dr. Rafael Trespalacios to analyze your eye during cataract surgery. By providing detailed measurements of your eye, the CataLāze™ with ORA™ technology will allow Dr. Trespalacios to safely and effectively tailor treatment to your individual needs.

Click to Read ORA-Guided Cataract Surgery FAQ’s [text will link to PDF]

The CataLāze™ with ORA™ procedure offers fully customized premium lens placement, helping ensure you have great vision for life. The procedure is also compatible with all premium lens implants and technologies; you can feel confident you’ll receive the best possible results – no matter what premium cataract procedure option you select.

Whether you’ve had LASIK, or have astigmatism, CataLāze™ with ORA™ procedure gives you the security of knowing you can have the best possible outcome, and reduces the chance of needing an additional procedure.

If you suspect you may have cataracts, call Brevard Eye at 321-984-3200 and schedule your cataract consultation today.